Easy & Tasty Recipes with Glam.D

A "Guilt-Free" Ice Cream with the Glam.D One Meal Shake

Here is the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can eat ice cream "guilt-free", even while you're watching your weight. Follow this simple recipe and reward yourself with a healthy treat. 

Ingredients (1 Serving)​

​- 1 Glam.D Glam One Meal Shake​
- 170ml of Milk​ (any kind of milk you like)​
- Fruits, nuts or toppings of your choice (Optional)


  • Open 1 Glam.D One Meal shake Packet.
  • Pour in the 170ml of milk and seal the packet.
  • Shake it up until mixed well.
  • Pour the mixture into a container or a mold to freeze.
  • Put into a freezer and wait until it is fully frozen.
  • Enjoy with preferred toppings.