BeauTEA Duo Set

(For 2 Weeks)

$55.64 $94.30
  • DETOX set for a BeauTEA-ful you!
  • Alternate between these two healthy, natural teas!
  • Easy Slim Light: boost your metabolism with lemon and hibiscus
    *1 box = 30 packets
  • 2Kcal Slimming Tea: slimmer legs and face lines with pumpkin
    *1 box = 10 pouches

Get Glamorous

Here at Glam.D we provide you with a complete guide not only for weight loss, but also for living a balanced & healthy lifestyle. Glam.D has designed a tailored product for every body type and dieting need. You're sure to get GLAMMED on the inside and out with our perfect solution for healthy dieting.

Trusted and Qualified GLAM.D

BeauTEAful You With This Set!

  • Light everyday refreshments that also slim you down!
  • Ingredients from nature: pumpkin, lemon, hibiscus!
  • A must-have in your tea pantry

Recommended for

Salty Food Lovers

Anyone who likes salty foods

Reduce Puffiness

Anyone who suffers from water retention and feels bloated

Tea Lovers

Anyone who prefers tea over coffee

2Kcal Slimming Tea Main ingredients

Ripe Pumpkin Extract:

Sweetened naturally and packed with vitamins and minerals from ripened pumpkins.

Jujube Extract:

Rich in glycine amino acid.

Bamboo Leaf Extract:

Full of rich peptide ingredients

Easy Slim Light Main ingredients


Helps to detoxify the body and inhibit fat accumulation.

Hibiscus Extract:

Contains HCA which helps to reduce body fat by inhibiting carbohydrates from being synthesized into fat. Also consists of Catechin, which helps to boost body metabolism

Garcinia Cambogia Extract:

Helps reduce body fat by inhibiting
carbohydrates from being synthesized into fat

Safe Glam.D

Glam.D is dedicated to producing the best-quality and safest products backed by researchers and experts in the field.

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