A crunchy cereal bar with a chunk of berries & milk protein crisp

Key effects:
Guilt-free diet snack - Only 69kcal! 280kcal less than original cereal bars
Diet snack / Meal replacement / After meal snack / Late night snack
Low calories but crunchy & delicious

1 packet

How To Consume:
1. Peel off the package and consume anytime you want.
2. Try it as a topping for your milk or yogurt!

Key Ingredients:
Milk protein Crisp, Corn Cereal, Cranberry
Full ingredients list:
Stir-fried barley powder (Corn, sugar, Refined salt, Malt syrup, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Mixed hormulation, Glycerin, d-Tocopherol concentrate-mixed, Glycerin Esters of Fatty Acids, Zinc oxide, Polyglycitol syrup, Malitotol syrup, Corn syrup, Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sugar, Tofu, Sesame, Coconut powder, Margarine, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Cranberry, Citric Acid, Aronia juice concentrate, Sunflower oil, Dextrin, Milk protein crisp, Mixed skim milk, Demineralised why powder, Palm olein oil, Lecithin)

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I was noticing some bad habits while stuck at home all the time. But, I couldn't give up the sweets! Been snacking on Glam.D meal shakes instead, which gives me 100% satisfaction when im craving something sweet and quick to make 🤩!!! Comes in 3 flavours, so I got all 3! brb imma finish drinking this one


Like normal business man, there are too much work and I got stressed about getting weight, but there's no enough time for exercising. But after I know about Glam.D, I loose my weight and get back to healthy body by just taking Mans Booster everyday. Moreover, it contains milk thistle and Vitamin B which help to reduce chronic fatigue, now I can focus on work better than ever!


I've gained quite an amount of weight from midnight snacks while overseas, then upon returned I bought both the GlamD double diet & CLA cut pills booster set (around Oct 2020). I was able to lose 8-9kg over a period and maintain my current weight (48kg) with a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise. Purchasing my second set now to have them whenever I intake large calories and free myself from all those guilt-tripping that I have once in a while! Also, I love the new bottle packaging!!


It's been almost 3 weeks I have exercising 5 times a week with various crunches during the program topped up with Glam D Slim Cut CLA. Without starving and eating the food I like, I can see a change in my bodyline. My core muscle is also strengthened with abs strengthening exercises. The key is mindful eating and exercising. Glam D Slim Cut CLA also helps to increase my metabolism and reduce body fats.


158cm / 59 -> 51 ( -8 DROP) 8kg LIGHTER with GLAM.D! I haven't gained a kg in 4 years and I'm finally maintaining this weight! My legs had cellulite and were too thick. After I started taking GLAM.D, I lost weight from my lower body, belly fat, to my face. I really worried about my weight fluctuating again, but I've been maintaining this small size for 4 years!

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Glam.D is dedicated to producing the best-quality and safest products backed by researchers and experts in the field.

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