[NEW] Ultimate Glam Set

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  • The end-all-be-all set in Glam.D - the Ultimate Glam Set!
  • The main Glam.D products you need to achieve that ultimate glam body!
  • 1-month set contains: CLA (30-days), Double Diet (30 Days), Light Meal Shake 5ea x3 flavors, and Slimming Tea 10ea
  • Save up to $50 by getting the 1-month set and up to $96 by getting the 2-month set!
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Get Glamorous

Here at Glam.D we provide you with a complete guide not only for weight loss, but also for living a balanced & healthy lifestyle. Glam.D has designed a tailored product for every body type and dieting need. You're sure to get GLAMMED on the inside and out with our perfect solution for healthy dieting.

Trusted and Qualified GLAM.D

Ultimate Set for the Ultimate Glam

  • Lower overall body fat and block carbs from turning into more fat with CLA and Double Diet Capsules
  • Detox and debloat with 2Kcal Slimming Tea
  • Have guilt-free, healthy snacking + meals with Light Meal Shakes
  • Contains safe ingredients Garcinia Cambogia, CLA, and Ripe Pumpkin Extract!

Recommended for

Prevent Weight Gain

Anyone who gains weight easily and loves carbs!


Anyone who experiences puffiness and likes salty foods

Healthy Snacking

Anyone who is easily hungry, or looking for a nutritious, guilt-free tasty meal replacement

CLA Main ingredients

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

A safe natural ingredient dervied from safflower seeds that helps to reduce body fat

Vitamin B

Helps to boost up our body's energy and metabolism.

Double Diet Main ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia:

Helps reduce body fat by inhibiting carbohydrates from being synthesized into fat.

Coleus Forskohlii:

Helps to reduce body fat.

Light Meal Shake Main ingredients

Milk Protein Balls:

Made with more than 90 percent of pure protein! Gives you that added crunch and nutrition to your shake


Made from roasted barley, oats, almonds, and rice crisps. Stay full longer with this low-calorie shake!

3 High-Quality Flavors:

Soybean:Sweet and savory flavor from Korean Injeolmi
Chocolate:High-quality cocoa taste for those chocolate lover
Matcha: 100% Korean Matcha for that rich Green Tea flavor

2Kcal Slimming Tea Main ingredients

Ripe Pumpkin Extract:

Sweetened naturally and packed with vitamins and minerals from ripened pumpkins.

Jujube Extract:

Rich in glycine amino acid.

Bamboo Leaf Extract:

Full of rich peptide ingredients